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Shipping Container Dimensions

Container dimensions, weights and specifications are given as accurately as possible but may vary depending on manufacture and conversion. Refrigerated and insulated units have smaller internal dimensions and greater weights than those given.


Standard Internal Container Dimensions

 20ft40ft40ft High Cube
Internal Length19ft 3ins39ft 4ins39ft 5ins
Internal Width7ft 7ins7ft 7ins7ft 8ins
Internal Height:7ft 9ins7ft 9ins8ft 9ins
End Door Aperture Width7ft 6ins7ft 6ins7ft 8ins
End Door Aperture Height:7ft 5ins7ft 5ins8ft 5ins
Floor area150sq ft305sq ft
Cubic capacity:1160cu ft2360cu ft2660cu ft
Weight2.4 tons4 tons4.2 tons

Standard External Container Dimensions

Container Length20ft40ft40ft High Cube
Container Width8ft8ft8ft
Container Height:8ft 6ins8ft 6ins9ft 6ins


Standard Internal Container Dimensions

 (20ft)(40ft)(40ft) High Cube
Internal Length5.87m12.00m12.00m
Internal Width2.33m2.33m2.33m
Internal Height:2.35m2.35m2.65m
End Door Aperture Width:2.28m2.28m
End Door Aperture Height:2.26m2.26m2.56m
Floor area13.93m228.33m2
Cubic capacity:32.85m366.83m275.32m3
Weight2.44 tonnes4.06 tonnes

Standard External Container Dimensions

 (20ft)(40ft)(40ft) High Cube
Container Length6.06m12.19m12.19m
Container Width2.44m2.44m2.44m
Container Height:2.59m2.59m2.89m

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