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Shipping Terms

Important Information

Rates vary considerably depending upon the selected ports. Saloon car rate is for cars under 1.6m high. 4×4 rate is for cars over 1.6m high and less than 18cbm. Van and truck prices quoted are unladen. Truck and trailer combination up to 17.50m long. Tractor units are up to 6.80m only. All collection prices quoted are only applicable for non-hazardous cargo. All collections subject to acceptance by TF Shipping Ltd.


Sheerness to Walvis Bay:

If any truck/van is loaded there will be a surcharge. There is no surcharge for saloon car or 4×4 rate but packing list must be completed for any items loaded.

Immingham to Walvis Bay:

Items loaded over 3000kgs will be subject to a loaded surcharge and for items loaded outwith the dimensions of the base vehicle a loaded surcharge also will apply.  This does not apply for loaded trailer rate.

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